To Bill Gates: Children are not apps

This article is long, but it’s too good not to share. The public has been duped by corporate messaging. This is a thorough,┬ábrilliant expository. Thank you for sharing, Diane Ravitch!

Economic reform is being driven by 3 things: economic self interest of the white middle class, racial and ethnic antipathy, and corporate profits.

Did you know that America is growing browner, older and deeper in debt? Who do you think feels threatened by the fact that 25% of all children under age 5 are Hispanic?

Bill Gates wants to unleash “powerful market forces” on public schools. In other words, he wants a piece of the profits to be made while testing our┬ápublic school children into oblivion. Thank God Pearson stock and Arne Duncan are in a downward spiral.

Can we get back to teaching now?